Information Systems

Information Systems is an exciting and challenging field of study that continues to evolve and provide a multitude of career opportunities. The U.S. Department of Labor has identified Information Technology jobs to be among some of the fastest growing occupations this decade.

Be they technology firms like CISCO and Oracle, financial institutions like the Royal Bank and Goldman Sachs, consulting firms like CGI and Accenture, or retail companies like the Aldo Group, Home Hardware, and Wal-Mart, all organizations make use of information systems and need qualified people with a background in Information Systems.


Faculty members and doctoral students in Information Systems conduct research on a number of cutting-edge topics. Learn more about current research projects in our discipline.

In addition to our individual pursuits, our faculty members are also affiliated the Business and Management Research Centre. The BMRC is a research incubator that plays a range of catalytic roles in developing and partially funding a number of research initiatives through seed grants, travel grants, and lecture and teaching support, etc.


The faculty in our discipline provide our undergraduate, graduate, and practitioner students with expertise in multiple domains:

We are also well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

Desautels Global Experts

Members of the Desautels Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures. As practitioners in the industry, they contribute to our students' learning experience.

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