Small business opportunity

McGill’s Dobson Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with the Information System Area at Desautels, is offering digital services to McGill affiliated startups, SMBs and non-for-profits in need of a digital transformation.

The current social and economic context has required that many business models that solely relied on physical engagement, now need to also expand to digital platforms to remain competitive. Small businesses however may not have the skill set and resources to do so.

The objective of McGill’s Digital Accelerator program is to facilitate the transformation to Digital with a holistic, integrated approach to problem solving, new business models and digital strategy.

Our Digital Accelerator is an advisory program that involves multidisciplinary teams of students with backgrounds in Information Systems, Business Analytics and Management supported by technical and business mentors.

The program aims to help these organizations by offering a no-cost service. Each project will be done by students under the supervision of a mentor. The focus is on solving an IT problem or provide one with new online capability. One goal is to complete projects quickly in order to help as many businesses as possible. Example of projects are:

  • Create or modify a website
  • Enable remote operations for staff or customers
  • Develop data visualization
  • Help with data base design, management and data analytics



If you are interested in this business opportunity please fill out our application form.*

*Please note that we have reached full capacity for the digital projects we can undertake over the summer period. Applications are still accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, however, project selection and startup-student matching may be delayed to the Fall term.

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