Evaluating the impact of marketing strategies and tactics on consumers, brands, firms, and competition.

Marketing provides insights into customer needs, ideas for developing new products, and strategic plans for profitably launching these products in a competitive marketplace.

Marketing knowledge is indispensible in today’s turbulent business environment. Consumers are inundated with information through the internet, cell phones, satellite television and personal digital assistants. More and more products are being launched in an already crowded marketplace. The world is becoming flat as globalization affects the way people work, interact with others, and choose products in their daily lives.

Professors of marketing at the Desautels Faculty of Management are focused on real-world challenges presented by today’s business environment. Through rigorous research the marketing faculty is developing new insights into sustainable competitive advantage for the 21st century.


Desautels professors of Marketing conduct research on a number of cutting-edge topics. Learn more about current research projects in our discipline.

In addition to individual pursuits, our faculty members are affiliated with the McGill Institute of Marketing. The institute builds close relationships with a select group of organizations in a wide variety of industries that have an interest in marketing and to work with them in providing an active forum where members can gather to exchange and cross-pollinate ideas and expertise.


The faculty in our discipline provide our undergraduate, graduate, and practitioner students with expertise in multiple domains:

We are also well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

Desautels Global Experts

Members of the Desautels Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures. As practitioners in the industry, they contribute to our students' learning experience.

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