Evaluating the impact of marketing strategies and tactics on consumers, brands, firms, and competition.

Marketing is an interdisciplinary field, concerned with the behavior of consumers, competitors and intermediaries, and the outcomes of their decisions as they relate to the performance of firms and brands. It relies considerably on fields such as psychology, economics, statistics and sociology to develop theory and methodology.

The PhD specialization in Marketing is designed to produce leaders in knowledge and scholarly research in the field, under the expert supervision of our Faculty. The program prepares PhD candidates to conduct cutting-edge research making significant contributions to the advancement of theory and practice in Marketing.

PhD candidates are expected to complete the program in five years. In the first two years of the program, PhD candidates are required to successfully complete a variety of courses that cover both substantive and methodological topics. The course selection depends on the candidate's research interests and background, subject to Faculty approval. The remainder of the program should be devoted to the completion of the PhD thesis. The content of the thesis should form the basis of research papers targeted for publication in leading marketing journals (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science and Management Science).

Current Area Research Topics

  • Emotions in advertising and consumption
  • Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) effectiveness
  • Adoption of new products and innovation
  • Service design and management
  • Strategic marketing
  • International marketing
  • Branding and consumer choice
  • Pricing
  • Word-of-mouth communications
  • Experience-based decision making
  • Retailing
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Marketing-Finance interface

Specialization Requirements

PhD candidates are required to complete a minimum of four courses in Marketing and two in a support field (see options below), offered both by our Faculty and other Faculties of either McGill or the joint program. In addition, they should complete at least 3 courses in research methodology/statistics and one pedagogy course.


  • Models in Consumer Research
  • Advances in Consumer Behavior
  • Advances in Service Marketing
  • Automatic Consumer Behavior
  • Topics in Marketing Strategy

Typical Support Fields

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Industrial Organization
  • Statistics
  • Behavioral Science
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