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The McGill PhD in Management aims to attract individuals who possess a strong academic background, personal initiative, and the potential to become excellent researchers.

Applicants are assessed according to their past academic record, evaluations by former professors or supervisors, performance on standard graduate examinations, relevant work experience and the fit between their interests and the Faculty's focus and objectives.

The McGill Doctoral Committee reviews all completed applications and makes the final admission recommendations to the Joint Doctoral Committee and to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for final approval.

Candidates typically hold a Master's-level degree, with a strong academic record from a recognized university. 

The PhD in Management is a full-time program only. Please note that our doctoral program does not review applications for Special/Exchange/Visiting.

Student Visa

International students must obtain both a Visa from the Government of Canada and a CAQ from the Government of Quebec. As these documents are issued by the government, we are unable to assist with this process. Visit International Student Services for more information.

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