Business & Management Research Centre

Business & Management Research Centre (B&MRC)

The Business and Management Research Centre (B&MRC) is a multi-disciplinary Centre at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management. It supports research and scholarly-oriented activities of its members. Faculty members in Accounting, Economics, Information Systems, Industrial Relations, International Business, General Management and Organization Behaviour are member of this centre. It is basically a research incubator and plays a range of catalytic roles in developing and partially funding a number of research initiatives to result in activities and events furthering research.

Research Incubators

The Centre’s main objective is to act as a research incubator and a catalytic agent to facilitate research productivity. These objectives are implemented through the following activities:

Research Seed Grant

This includes initial support for promising research projects.

Individual Travel Grants

A number of travel grants are awarded to individual faculty members to defray travel costs in connection with presentations at major research conferences.

Support of Specialized Lectures or Research Presentations

The Centre supports a number of visits of prominent scholars to the Desautels Faculty of Management to support the research activities of the Centre’s members.

Support of Innovative Teaching-related Initiatives

The Centre supports members’ innovative teaching initiatives to enhance the Faculty’s teaching mission.

Partnership in Research Projects with External Support

The Centre has been a sponsor and a junior partner in launching initiatives that have received a large portion of their budget from other sources. Partial research funding has been provided for faculty members’ research that resulted in conference presentations and consequent publications. The Centre also supports other scholarly activities. For example, The Centre has provided support for the planning and preparations of a conference series on "International Entrepreneurship: Researching Frontiers", a successful and ongoing feature in the Faculty.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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