Management Science Research Centre (MSRC)

The Management Science Research Centre (MSRC) of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University was founded with a capital endowment from the Royal Bank of Canada in the 1980s. Management science (MS) is the broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in organizations in industrial and service sectors, with strong links to mathematics, operations research, operations management, economics, engineering and, lately, data analytics, information system and computer sciences. It uses various scientific and analytical methodologies to improve an organization's efficiency and key performance index. The MSRC is led by an accomplished group of twelve faculty members mainly in the area of operations management who have all been ranked amongst the nation's best.

Specifically, MSRC members adopt a breadth of professional and academic expertise and their research interests include supply chain management, inventory management, pricing decisions, behavioural operations management, healthcare management, business analytics, sustainability in supply chains, smart cities and integration of operations management with other fields like marketing, finance and strategies in the fields of manufacturing and retailing. Through our combined efforts, we hope to identify a new understanding of the critical role of management science in organizational growth and sustained success.

The Centre is responsible for:

  • Facilitating research activities engaged by centre members.
  • Prompting the interaction between centre members and their peers in other universities and industries through seminars and industrial projects.
  • Supporting PhD students and lecturers in management science for their research and academic activities.
  • The affiliation to GERAD and IVADO Labs.

The Centre members are engaged in collaborative research with Pratt & Whitney Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and other industry and government leaders.


We propose you a collection of useful links pertinent to our area, including international academic institutions, partners and online journals.

Management Science Research Centre (MSRC)

Mailing address:
McGill University - Desautels Faculty of Management
1001 Sherbrooke St. West [Map]
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1G5 Canada


Juan Serpa

Juan Serpa
Associate Professor, Operations Management
Email: juan.serpa [at] (subject: Inquiries%3A%20Management%20Science%20Research%20Centre%20(MSRC))

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