At Desautels, we promote a collaborative atmosphere conducive to networking, to enhance our students’ learning experience and maximize their satisfaction. Our students always feel like club members with access to world-class knowledge and networking privileges.

Demetrios Vakratsas, Associate Professor, Marketing

Your next two years

Our McGill MBA program will enable you to lead effectively and responsibly in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The unique integrated management approach will allow you to work across managerial boundaries and to fully understand how organizations function as a whole, and in an international context.

MBA timeline year 1

MBA timeline year 2

Laying the Foundation

A summer Base Camp will allow you to brush up on fundamental quantitative methods, such as Business Statistics, Financial Accounting and Math for Finance.

Building Your Key Skills

Throughout the year, a number of key workshops cover career development, presentation skills and analytical thinking in order to integrate hard and soft skills.

Integrating Disciplines

Integration is achieved through a unique set of Core modules during the first semester. Each module is taught by a team of professors from different disciplines—no other MBA program in the world offers this ground-breaking collaborative approach.

Students will begin the Integrated Core curriculum which consists of five modules, with a Global Leadership module that will help them reflect on what success means for them and what goals and responsibilities (personal, organizational and societal) they would like to assume in the business world. The second module, Business Tools, covers the analytical skills they will need in making decisions. This is followed by Managing Resources and Value Creation, which provide an understanding of the portfolio of resources available to managers (human, financial and technological), to create value through the operations of the organization. Lastly, the Markets and Globalization module will challenge you to introduce this value to the global marketplace.


Once students have acquired a solid foundation, they have the opportunity to specialize in at least one of four concentrations: Finance, Marketing, Global Strategy and Leadership, or Business Analytics. Each concentration is supported by leading executives from around the world, who help shape the curriculum to best reflect current business needs.

International Study Trip

Unique to the Desautels MBA program, our 10-day organized study course will provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to adopt a worldly outlook. Read more about the International Study Trip.

Integrating Hands-on Experience

Building a career calls for both theoretical training and hands-on practice, not to mention developing a wide professional network.

The Desautels Faculty of Management offers MBA students the opportunity to gain valuable experience through a comprehensive internship program. We will work closely with you to help select the field that best suits your interest and goals. In addition, you may also decide to participate in our International Exchange Program, or opt for a practicum, analyzing a specific facet of an existing organization, industry or your own professional experience. 

International Outlook

We attract accomplished and academically strong students, distinguished professors and leading corporations from around the world. Over half of our students and more than two-thirds of faculty come from outside Canada, providing you with a global perspective every day. Small class sizes and the program’s collaborative spirit further enhance the international experience.

Students from diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds find that the Desautels MBA program offers them the challenge they are looking for in graduate business education. Inquisitiveness, openness to learning and embracing new ideas, high motivation, and intelligence are typical characteristics of those who succeed in the Desautels MBA program.

Innovative Research

The Desautels Faculty of Management is recognized as a world leader in management research. Our professors take pride in bringing the latest research findings into the classroom, enriching the curriculum with the most contemporary business trends.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expert Panels are comprised of 30 to 50 leading professionals in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Global Strategy, Leadership and Innovation Management. These top executives from around the world help our students gain valuable industry exposure by bringing their experience into the classroom through lectures, live cases and projects.

Our CEO Speaker Series are regular Q&A events held with CEOs and industry leaders on a wide range of topics. MBA students also have a chance to attend lunches in a small group setting with various CEO speakers to discuss an array of topics.

Desautels also taps into its vast network of alumni and expert panel members to host innumerable guest lecturers who share their experience, innovations and challenges.