Strategic Management

Overview of Strategic Management

Contemporary business activities can no longer be considered separately from the pressing social and environmental challenges that we face.

The Strategic Management Major brings together traditional strategic management topics like competition and globalization with attention to pressing social and environmental challenges to foster a holistic view of management practice.

As a Strategic Management student, you will consider strategy formation and change for large corporations, small businesses, and social enterprises within their economic, social and environmental contexts. Strategic Management is a broad subject area, so you will have the flexibility to tailor this Major to your interests.

Careers & Mentors

Mentor: Prof. Robert Nason

Anticipated career trajectories are diverse, and include positions in management consulting; business development in new start-ups and small businesses; and strategic planning and analysis in large multinationals, NGOs, international organizations, and government agencies.

You could become a professional:

  • Consultant
  • Strategic planner/analyst
  • Business developer in start-ups, business units, and small enterprises
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