Independent Study-Away

Study Away refers to an academic activity where students independently pursue courses at a host institution and receive credits from the home university. Students apply to the host institution directly, paying their fees and following their deadlines.

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Be a registered BCom student in the current academic year
  • Have a CGPA of at least:
    • 2.70 for study in the fall or winter terms
    • 2.00 for study in the summer term

For Summer Studies Opportunities, please refer to Partner Opportunities Abroad.  Note that these programs will be considered an independent study-away. Before submitting an application, be sure to first check in with the BCom office and remember to take note of any study away application deadlines.

Step 1: Select host institution 

Find a host institution and verify their admission requirements and application deadlines. Before submitting a Minerva Independent Study Away application, ensure that the host university is currently accepting students to study on campus as non-degree, fee-paying Visiting Student and that you meet the host university's eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Course equivalency and transfer credits

Get your course assessed for equivalency and verify course requirements. Consult the Course equivalency and transfer credits page for details.

Step 3: Apply for Study Away

After the courses have been assessed as equivalent:

  • Apply for Study Away in Minerva before the deadline:
    • Summer: opens on February 15 - deadline is August 15
    • Fall: opens on March 1 - deadline is August 15
    • Winter: opens on March 1 - deadline is December 15
      • Statements of Purpose are required for Study Away in the Fall and Winter terms only.
  • Fill out the Transfer Credit Assessment Form on Minerva.
  • bcom.mgmt [at] (subject: Study%20Away%20application%20submitted) (E-mail the BCom Office) at bcom.mgmt [at] that a form has been completed. Please include your student ID number and the country where you plan to study in your email.
  • After the BCom Office has been notified, a BCom Adviser will review/approve the application for Study Away and review/approve the courses.
  • Once all approvals are completed, a letter of permission will be generated on Minerva. Please retain this letter since the information it contains may be required by the host institution.

Step 4: Arrange to have your transcript sent to McGill

You are responsible to have the host institution provide your home university with a copy of your Official Transcript of grades from your Study Away. The preferred method is for the host university to directly email the Official Transcript to officialschooldocs [at] . Please arrange for a transcript to be sent to McGill as soon as your term is finished. You may be charged a fee for any changes that need to be made to your student record after government reporting deadlines have passed.

Things to Note About Study Away 

  • Please allow 5 to 7 business days for approvals.
  • Approval does NOT guarantee you will be able to get into your chosen course(s).
  • No credits will be granted for online management courses. We will require proof that management courses are on campus courses before credits are granted.
  • A maximum of 6 credits will be granted for online non-management electives only.
  • Students on US aid cannot receive any credits for online courses. Learn more
  • The maximum number of credits that can be transferred includes: Exchange, Study Away (summer courses) and Inter University Transfer courses. A maximum of 12 credits for your major, 6 credits for your concentration or minor and 9 credits for management core from any institution other than McGill University.
  • The BCom Office makes all final decisions regarding course approvals.
  • If you decide not to do your Study Away, you must inform the BCom Office in writing. Failing to do so may delay graduation.
  • Please ensure that minor courses are approved by the minor adviser
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the McGill BCom requirements for all courses taken.



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