Program structure

The McGill BCom is one of the most flexible programs offered today, giving students the opportunity to match their career objectives. All options are highly flexible, allowing students to customize their program.

Program Length

Candidates coming from the Quebec CEGEP system apply to a three-year program (90 credits) whereas out-of-province and international students follow a four-year program (120 credits) depending on Advanced Standing Credits.

Management Core

All BCom students take the 36-credit core curriculum set out below, except where modifications are specifically required by a major or honours program.

A grade of C or better is required for all core courses. If a D is obtained in a core course, the course must be repeated.

BUSA 250: Expressive Analysis for Management 

All incoming students since Fall 2019 are required to take this 3 credit course. The purpose is to develop skills with respect to analysis, writing and presentation in conjunction with the Soutar Career Center. 

Concentrations (15 credits)

Students in General Management acquire a strong business background by completing a minimum of two Concentrations or combining one Concentration with a Minor from another faculty. Choosing this option allows them to diversify their business background and to explore non-Management programs or electives. Here are some of your options:

  • Two or Three Concentrations in Management
  • One Concentration with a Minor in another Faculty

A Concentration consists of 5 courses in a particular discipline. There is a possibility to do multiple concentrations instead of doing a major, which provide breadth across several areas in management.

  • In general, the student will begin taking courses from the chosen Concentration(s) in the U2 year.
  • The minimum to graduate with a BCom is either, two concentrations or a concentration and a minor.
  • Students who choose to take a second Concentration will be required to complete 15 non-overlapping credits at a satisfactory level with a minimum grade of C in each course.
2 Concentrations in Management 90 credits 120 credits
Freshman Requirements 0 30
Core Courses & BUSA 250 39 39
2 Concentrations 30 30
Non-Management Electives 6 0
Electives (non-management or management elective) 15 21
Total 90 120
1 Concentration & 1 Minor (18-21 credits) 90 credits 120 credits
Freshman Requirements 0 30
Core Courses & BUSA 250 39 39
1 Concentration & 1 Minor (18 credits) 33 33
Non-Management Electives 0 0
Electives (non-management or management elective) 18 18
Total 90 120



Major 30 credits*

A major consists of  10 courses in one discipline. Normally, students who are very passionate about a certain subject, pursue a major in that field. A major provides depth in one area of study.

Because of the heavier demands of Major programs, students desiring to pursue a program of this type are advised to declare their intention at the beginning of the program. Only grades of C or better may count towards the Major requirements.

*number of credits vary in some majors.

30-credit Majors in Management

90 credits

120 credits
Freshman Requirements 0 30
Core Courses & BUSA 250 39 39
Major 30 30
Non-Management 6 0
Electives (non-management or management elective) 15 15
Total 90 120

Honours (varies)

An Honours program is available in Economics and in Investment Management. Joint Honours programs are available in Economics and Accounting and in Economics and Finance.

The difference between the Honours and Major programs is not one of quantity but rather of quality, the Honours program involving study in greater depth. Students normally register for the Honours programs in U1 but special arrangements may be made for students wishing to enter the program at the beginning of U2.

Graduation with an Honours standing normally requires a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and an average of 3.00 in the specified courses of the Honours programs, although academic units may set higher requirements for their program GPA. The minimum grade acceptable in an Honours course is B-, although academic units may set a higher requirement for grades in their program.

Minors (18-21 credits)

The Minor programs offered in the Faculties of Arts and Science may be taken in conjunction with any BCom program.

For a list of minor concentrations and minors, click here.

A Minor Concentration consists of 18 credits taken outside the Faculty of Management. For example, Political Science, Economics, Computer Science. For all other Minors, please refer to the Arts and Science Faculty sections.

Students must complete a Desautels Faculty of Management minor approval form in their final year listing the courses being applied to the minor and get it signed by the Minor Adviser in the relevant department, returning the signed form to the BCom Office. Failure to do so may result in the Minor not being granted.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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