Advanced standing 96-117 credits

What is Advanced Standing?

  • Advanced standing refers to transfer credits applied toward your McGill program, granted for courses/examinations taken at another institution. Transfer credits may be granted for a specific McGill course (if the coursework is deemed to be equivalent), or as a block of credits (i.e. for CEGEP, IB, FB, etc...graduates).
  • Credits and any exemptions from McGill courses will be processed during the summer and prior to the start of classes, provided that all conditions for transfer of credits have been met.
  • Enrolment Services will record your advanced standing on your McGill transcript by October at the latest. You can see your transfer credit on your student transcript using Minerva.
  • You can access your application checklist on Minerva to see whether your documentation has been received.

OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS: The personal information you provide to the examination board needs to match the information you provide to McGill. If there is a discrepancy in personal information, we will not be able to match your electronic results; contact Service Point via their webform to have your test results matched to your file.

Deadline to submit documentation: September 1

Who is considered Advanced Standing?

Students who enter the BCom degree with 24 or more credits of advanced standing will begin their degree in U1. Credits will only be added when official final results are received by admissions.







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