Overview of Accounting

Accounting is your gateway to a world of exciting opportunities. It is the language of business that is essential to investment and managerial decisions. Mastering this language, learning the framework and exploring emerging technologies to tackle big data will provide the edge you need to succeed in today’s complex global business environment.  

An Accounting major will give you a solid understanding of the main accounting fields:  

  • Financial accounting: Providing financial information to external stakeholders including investors, creditors, and regulators; 
  • Managerial accounting: Providing information to managers to make effective operating decisions;  
  • Auditing: Attesting to the fairness of information prepared by the company;  
  • Taxation: Understanding tax rules and applying them to tax compliance, tax planning and global structuring.  

Accounting is also available as a concentration for students who wish to have a basic understanding of accounting but do not intend to become a professional accountant. Good knowledge of accounting is especially important for careers in finance and helps students in other majors build financial literacy. This can help you to better interpret financial information and understand the business environment.   

As of Fall 2023, the BCom Joint Honours option will be retired. Students who have started the Joint Honours program prior to Fall 2023, can continue with the old curriculum.

Programs Available

CPA Path 

Students who obtain a professional accounting designation like the Canadian CPA open the door to many exciting career opportunities in a variety of fields and organizations. CPAs and accounting majors can choose from careers in companies large or small, non-profit organizations, governments, or education. Be involved in the day-to-day decision making (controller) or take a leadership role (treasurer, CEO). Stay in the area of accounting or auditing, or use your skills to work in finance, strategy, governance or entrepreneurship.

CPA Ontario – Why become a CPA?

CPA Canada – What Do CPA’s Do 

Students doing an Accounting Major usually pursue a professional accounting designation (CPA). Information for professional accounting orders is available at:

GCPA (Graduate-level programs) are available at McGill from the following:

CPA Courses

Director, GCPA Program: Amanda Abrams

The McGill GCPA program at Desautels is an accredited Professional Education Program (PEP) of CPA Quebec. The program is designed to provide students with professional training on the latest CPA concepts and practice-related issues while preparing them to write the national Common Final Exams (CFE). Completion of a PEP and passing of the CFE are two of the required components for obtaining the highly respected CPA designation.

Careers & Mentors

Mentor: Amanda Abrams and Matthew Cote

Accountants are well-paid professionals in demand around the world and are critical to the success of any business or organization. An Accounting Major is a great gateway to pursuing a professional accounting designation such as the Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA). The CPA designation prepares you for a life-long, rewarding career with unlimited potential. 

It can also prepare and lead you into the fields of finance, consulting, and strategy, in roles such as: 

  • Accountant 
  • Auditor  
  • Tax Specialist 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Business Consultant 

Student Associations 

Desautels Accounting Society

Desautels Accounting Society


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