Managing for Sustainability

Overview of Managing for Sustainability

Are you committed to transforming business as we know it? The McGill Managing for Sustainability major will help you unlock the potential for businesses to make positive contributions toward environmental, economic and social sustainability. It will give you the tools needed to drive systemic change across every sector of society and advance efforts in combatting climate change.

As a Managing for Sustainability student, you will discover the environmental, economic and social sustainability challenges and opportunities facing businesses today. You will develop critical thinking, strategic planning and problem-solving skills to integrate business strategies with sustainability objectives.

With sustainability issues shaping the activities of all business functions, the Managing for Sustainability concentration is also available as an ideal complement to majors and concentrations in other areas.

Careers & Mentors

Mentor: Prof. Anna Kim, Prof. Sanjith Gopalakrishnan and Prof. Brian Wenzel

An undergraduate degree in Managing for Sustainability will prepare you for a career committed to advancing sustainability initiatives in a range of industries. Pursue a rewarding career as a consultant specializing in sustainability and corporate social responsibility; head a department focused on corporate environmental management or green product development; or take up a position in organizations or startups that focus on sustainability issues.

Careers can include:

  • Corporate Responsibility Manager
  • Community Relations Advisor
  • Environmental Affairs Coordinator
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Responsible Investment Manager

Student Association

Desautels Sustainability Network

Desautels Sustainability Network

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