As of Fall 2022, the minor has been retired. Students who have started the minor prior to Fall 2022, can continue with the old curriculum.  

Students who have started the Major Math for Management prior to Fall 2024, can continue with the old curriculum.

Overview of Mathematics

Mathematics and statistics are omnipresent in today's world of information and technology. Their theories, models, and methods are integral to the way we analyze, understand, and build the world around us. Mathematics plays a key role in nearly every effort to push the boundaries of science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences and contribute to solving some of the most pressing human, environmental, and economic problems of our time. 

Available as both a Major and a Minor, a degree in Mathematics will provide a solid mathematical and statistical education that paves the way for many interesting career options in academic, government, and industry.  

Top students are often admitted to prestigious graduate schools around the world and often become leaders in their areas of research in academic or industrial settings. Its graduates are in high demand in government departments, health research centers, banks, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, statistical agencies, and multinational high-technology industries. 


NEW Fall 2024

As of Fall 2022, students should refer to the minors offered under the Bachelor of Arts & Science.

To pursue this program, you MUST consult with the Math/Stats department and a BCom Advisor. Taking certain statistics courses in non-sequence order may overlap with others and you may not receive credits for all courses completed. More details can be found in the Course Overlap section of the eCalendar. 

Career & Mentors

Mentor: djivede.kelome [at] (Professor Djivede Armel Kelome), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science

A degree in Mathematics has become increasingly valuable as the global economy relies more on data analysis and problem-solving abilities. With high demand in the job market for students with a math degree, math-related positions are more rewarding with master’s and doctorate degrees. After acquiring a bachelor's degree, students may pursue graduate studies in Analytics, Mathematics or Statistics. 

You could become a professional: 

  • Economist  
  • Data Analyst 
  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Mathematician  
  • Budget Analyst 
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BCom Student Affairs Office

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