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Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Welcome to the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology! Part of McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, our Department combines a rich history in the teaching of anatomical sciences with leading edge research in cell biology, and we are proud to offer innovative teaching and research opportunities in our undergraduate and graduate programs.


Division of Anatomical Sciences

The Division of Anatomical Sciences  coordinates the instruction of human anatomy for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from McGill, as well as external groups from other universities and professional societies. Learn more


Honours & Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Dieter Reinhardt, who has been awarded a Distinguished James McGill Professorship, recognizing a late-career scholar's sustained scholarship of world-class caliber and international leadership!



Research Spotlight

Dr. Charles E. Smith continues long-standing collaborative investigations with Dr. James Simmer and Dr. Jan Hu from the University of Michigan about how ameloblasts coordinate their activities to produce the protective enamel covering of teeth as well as flawed responses that occur from these cells when matrix formation/signaling is disrupted by genetic alterations. Learn more

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