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Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology!

Our Department offers courses in cell biology, histology, embryology, neuroanatomy, and gross anatomy.  A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology provides an excellent preparation for technical and administrative positions in university laboratories, research institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutics, and biotechnological industries.

The Honours program in Anatomy and Cell Biology is designed as the first phase in the training for a career as a cell and molecular biologist.  The Major and Liberal programs offer decreasing levels of specialization in Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a broader knowledge base in other biological sciences.  These programs are especially flexible and allow students to tailor their studies based on their interests. 

All of our undergraduate programs form a sound background for graduate studies in Anatomy and Cell Biology or for professional training in areas such as medicine.  

The Career Planning Service is a great resource for career exploration and development, and they've put together some helpful documents on PDF icon ACB career options and PDF icon career resources for ACB students