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Students completing the Liberal, Major or Honours programs in Anatomy & Cell Biology can find their program requirements and important reminders in this section.

All ACB students should plan to meet with the program advisor at least once a year to review their program plan, course selection and any questions that you may have.


Important Program Reminders:                         

  • A minimum grade of "C" is required in ALL program courses, as detailed in the Faculty of Science degree requirements.  
  • Students can only receive credit for ONE introductory statistics course (eg. PSYC 204 or MATH 203 or BIOL 373). Please refer to the eCalendar for the full details on statistics course overlap.
  • Suggested registration plans can be found on the program pages and in the handout PDF icon ACB Program Plans
  • Students in the Major who complete research courses of 6 credits or more (including the ANAT 432 Honours Research Project) may count a maximum of 3 credits towards their BOC requirement; the remaining credits will be considered electives.  These courses require prior approval from the ACB program advisor.
  • Students in the Major and Honours must complete a minimum of 6 credits of Complementary Courses (from either the AAC or BOC lists) at the 400-level or above. Make a plan for completing these courses early in your program and have a backup plan for any popular choices (EXMD 504, BIOT 505, ANAT 541, etc.).
  • All 396 Research Project courses count as elective credits.
  • Students who have completed the equivalent to CHEM 212, CHEM 222 or the statistics requirement (i.e. at CEGEP or from other forms of advanced standing prior to entering McGill), may receive a program exemption and these credits will be replaced by electives.  Please contact the ACB program advisor if you have any questions about this.
  • The cross-listed program course ANAT 212/BIOC 212 is considered the equivalent to BIOL 201 and counts as the prerequisite for Biology 202, BIOL 301, and other courses which require BIOL 201.
  • Any course substitutions must be approved in advance by the ACB program advisor.


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