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Incoming students for Fall 2021: 

Welcome to the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology!

Departmental Information and Q & A Session for CEGEP students: 
Thurs., June 3, 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Presentation slides: PDF icon ACB Departmental Info Session - CEGEP students

Departmental Information and Q & A Session for U0/U1 students:
Thurs., June 10, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Presentation slides: PDF icon ACB Departmental Info Session - U0/U1 students

PDF icon ACB Program Information

Registration and Program Information:

  • Start by carefully reviewing: 1) the New Student information on the Faculty of Science website, 2) the registration information on the Accepted students page, and 3) the First Year website.
  • Next, review the program-specific information on our website. Most U1 students will follow the suggested registration plans found on the handout PDF icon ACB Program Plans and on the Anatomy & Cell Biology (ACB) program pages.
  • Students with course exemptions from required program courses (i.e. CHEM 212, MATH 203, etc.) can choose to take a different program course in that space in the suggested program plans or take an elective/Minor program course.
  • U0 students who are interested in choosing ACB as their program in U1 and U1 students who must complete Science Freshman Program requirements during their first year at McGill will want to take note of the program-specific information found on the SOUSA website when choosing their courses.
    • Students entering McGill in U1 who still need to complete some or all of the Freshman Program requirements/prerequisites for the required U1 courses in Anatomy & Cell Biology, may need to delay their registration in the typical U1 courses until their second year. Once you've confirmed with SOUSA which Freshman Program courses you still need to complete and exactly which course exemptions you will receive, you should meet with the ACB program advisor to discuss your registration.
  • Students starting in U1 may also find it helpful to review information on suggested electives for U0 students.
  • Information for students thinking about applying to medical school after their BSc degree.
  • If you have questions about your advanced standing/courses exemptions, program selection options or general degree-planning, you can contact a Science advisor at SOUSA now at: [at] All BSc students will be assigned a specific Science advisor by the end of June and you'll be able to find their name on the top left of your Unofficial Transcript in Minerva.
  • Read over our Registration page for information on how to navigate the registration process in Minerva.
  • If you still have questions about your ACB program requirements for U1 after reviewing the information above, you can attend an advising session with the ACB program advisor. You can book an advising appointment here (be sure to use your McGill email address!).

Important Notes:

  • Do your best to put together your schedule for both the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 semesters using the information at the links above and register for as many classes as you can in both semesters when registration opens for you in June (registration dates can be found here).
  • You can make changes to your registration up until the Add/Drop deadline in each semester (Sept. 14 for Fall 2021 and Jan. 18 for Winter 2022), so there is plenty of time to adjust your courses as needed over the summer and once you've had a chance to contact your Science advisor at SOUSA/program advisor and attend an online Orientation session.

For updated information from the University on planning for the Fall 2021 semester, please see the Coronavirus website for details. 

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