Why you should not re-use your McGill password

IT services for Students

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At McGill, we are all on a journey. Although we may each work towards different goals during our time here, one thing is certain: Each one of us needs to stay cybersafe from beginning to end. 

Watch our expert-led webinar to learn more about the services offered to students.

Tools and resources for each stage of your McGill journey:  
Newly accepted to McGill   >   During your studies   >  Managing your path to success > End of term   >   Graduating / leaving McGill

If you experience issues when videoconferencing on campus, such as choppy display, freezing, or dropped calls, here are some basic steps you can follow to optimize video call quality: Tips for resolving issues when videoconferencing on campus

Newly accepted to McGill

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McGill credentials

All about your McGill username and password.

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Two-factor authentication

Add a layer of protection to your McGill accounts by setting up 2FA.

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McGill email

McGill's Online email service is part of Microsoft's Office 365 package.

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University notifications

Rapidly receive urgent notifications and messages with this automated notification service.

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Identity icon
Identity management

Change your name/title or other information in McGill records and systems.

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Are you using McGill IT services responsibly? check out our policies, regulations, directives and standards.

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Icon of a map
McGill map

Interactive & printable maps of McGill. (Provided by Facilities Management and Ancillary Services)


ClockWork logo
ClockWork portal

Request an appointment or schedule a test or exam on the Student Accessibility and Achievement (SAA) portal.

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International Student Services (myISS)

Book in person or virtual appointments with the ISS or with immigration advisors.

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During your studies

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Visual Schedule Builder

Use Visual Schedule Builder to select and plan your classes. Register in Minerva -->

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Register to your courses, view your account information and much more.


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myMcGill portal

Explore the numerous online resources available at McGill.


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myCourses LMS

Go to myCourses for online assignments & syllabus.

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The Zoom videoconferencieng platform used for remote classes.

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Lecture recordings

View recorded class lectures at your own pace.


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Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

Find out more about McGill's learning technologies.

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Icon of books

Find out more about the libraries services.

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Collaboration tools

Office 365 software and cloud-based tools: MS Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, Sway, Stream, and more.

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Software & tools

Find out about free software available to registered students.

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WiFi network

McGill has WiFi throughout both campuses, in residences, and even on campus shuttle buses. Guest WiFi and eduroam are also available.

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Print your documents from anywhere, and pick up at any uPrint device on campus.

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Computer labs

McGill provides computers in Libraries and many public areas on campus.

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OneDrive file storage

Secured cloud storage for online or offline access. Students admitted after Dec. 11, 2023 get 20GB storage. For now, storage capacity is not affected for students admitted before that date.

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Polling @ McGill

Answer in-class surveys and questions via your mobile smartphone.

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Microsoft Office Forms

Microsoft Office offers a great tool to conduct surveys and elicit


limesurvey logo


LimeSurvey is a robust solution for your research projects data collection needs.

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Managing your path to success

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Get involved

Learn new skills and connect outside the classroom with myInvolvement.

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Look for career opportunities and internships in your area of interest.

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Reach your goals

Use myPath to build plan to achieve your development goals.

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logo of a road with lines

Follow your progress toward your degree.
Graduate students use myProgress to monitor their progress.

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Logo of a letter in an envelope
Apply to a Graduate program

The Graduate admission platform lets you apply in a graduate program at McGill.

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End of term

As you wind down the term, you may need the following:

grades icon

Find assignment grades in myCourses.
Go to Minerva for your transcripts.

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Mercury Course Evaluations logo
Course evaluations

Remember to submit an evaluation for each course.

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Student accounts

Go to Minerva to check your student account balance.

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Graduating and/or leaving McGill

Find out what happens to your access to IT services when you leave.

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