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Audience Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition Design/Construct Delivery complete as of April 2022
  • Career Services Management Software
  • Convocation Management System
  • eCalendar replacement (Curriculum & Course catalog)
  • Peer Support (Student Peer to Peer Mentoring System)
  • Student Digital Credentials (Phase 1) (ON HOLD)
  • Student Appointment Management
  • Office for Students with Disabilities Accommodation Management
  • Student Admission Systems
  • Class Scheduling (Phase 3)
  • International Student Solution
  • Online Education program  for Nursing
  • Hazardous Waste Management Solution
  • Animal Facilities and Care Management
  • myLab migration to new web version
  • Human Subjects Development (Ethics Compliance Solution)
  • INFOED Proposal Development Module (eForms) (Research Proposal Development)
  • Thesis Examination Management (Phase 2)
  • Degree Works Upgrade (Advising and Degree Audit)
  • Thesis Examination Management (Phase 1)
Staff (Admin)
  • Campus and Security Incident Management System (IMS)
  • Data Vault Automation Tool Acquisition (Data Warehouse development tool)
  • Expense Management Tool
  • Facilities Administration Management Information System (FAMIS) Replacement for FMAS (Facilities Maintenance Management)
  • McGill Enterprise Integration Services
  • OpenShift upgrade (Application development and deployment platform)
  • Procurement Data Warehouse and Analytics (ON HOLD)
  • Automate Payment Requests (Finance Audit)
  • Documentum Upgrade (including E-Calendar Migration)
  • Electronic Payment Gateway replacement
  • JIRA Service Desk Rollout & HEAT Decommissioning
  • New eCommerce solution to replace ZenCart
  • Space Management solution
  • Banner 9 Technical Upgrade
  • McGill Faculty Club billing application
  • Organizational  Development (OD)  & Environmental  Health and  Safety  (EHS)  training registration system
All McGill
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for University Advancement (UA) (Alumni and Donor Relations) 
  • Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre implementation (CanSSOC)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • ID Card and Card Reader Replacement
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Network Information Security
  • Network Upgrade
  • Oracle 19c Upgrade
  • Unified Communications
  • Web Publishing Platform (Drupal 9) Upgrade
  • myMcGill Portal (interim platform migration)
  • Ticket Sale Platform
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

*Although an IT project may benefit multiple communities, each listed here has been classified according to the population that it will predominantly benefit. 

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IT Projects by community


IT projects primarily benefiting the Student community

Project name Project Overview  Phase / Status
Career Services Management Software  This project aims to provide a University-wide career services management solution that will provide support for career counseling, assistance for student job searches, event management, internship, and co-op management as well as reporting and analytics. The current solution has inadequate integrations, limited mobile and bilingual support and is missing many capabilities that would enable automation and more efficient process workflow and tracking. The new solution will address these deficiencies, enable integrations with other higher education institutions as well as with the federal government. Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Fall 2024
Class Scheduling (Phase 3) Improved the efficiency and cost of class scheduling management while meeting registration time constraints. Delivery complete (Winter 2022)
Convocation Management System The current solution used for managing student convocation was developed by McGill in 1988. The technology is outdated and difficult to maintain. This project will provide a modern and adaptable solution that will support the convocation processes including the production of all degrees, the management of the convocation ceremony artifacts, graduating student reports, and diploma management. Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2023

eCalendar Replacement (Curriculum and Course Catalog)

Replace the current solution for managing the publication of programs, courses, and other important information for the academic year.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2024

International Student Services Solution

McGill students use International Student Services to get help with various questions/issues related to being an international student in Canada. McGill did not have an efficient solution to support its International Student Services. Many processes were manual and time consuming, with paper-based files that create a security concern, and a non-optimal student experience.

This project provided McGill International Student Services with an efficient, secure solution to support them and provided students with a modern and convenient way to request information and schedule advising appointments concerning their international student status.

Delivery complete (Winter 2022)
Office for Students with Disabilities Accommodation Management The office of Students with Disabilities (OSD) is implementing a specialized solution that will allow staff to securely manage all aspects of their service delivery and provide services to students with disabilities faster and more accurately. In addition, OSD expects the solution to support compliance requirements related to medical data storage, appointment booking and tracking of the growing student population with disabilities. Design/Construct, estimated delivery Fall 2022

Online Education program for Nursing

Changes were made to the current system to support the implementation of online Undergraduate and Graduate programs, starting with the integration of the Bachelor of Nursing.

Delivery complete (Winter 2022)

Peer support (Student Peer-to-Peer Mentoring System)

The purpose of this initiative is to implement a comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly solution for Peer-to-Peer Mentorship to McGill students. Today, there are many programs with thousands of members ranging from coordinators, mentors, and mentees. As such there is a need for an integrated platform that can automate, assign, manage, record, and report these member relationships. Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Fall 2023
Student Admission Systems Deliver a flexible solution that supports all variations of the admission process to Undergraduate and Graduate credit programs. Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Winter 2024

Student Appointment Management

​Provide students with a simple, intuitive platform to manage all their appointment needs. Features include appointment scheduling, queue and record management, and post service experience.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2024

Student Digital Credentials (Phase 1)

Enrolment Services processes student (current and Alumni) requests for official documents for third-party, government officials or other academic institutions. This project will allow McGill to move to a more sustainable, user-friendly, integrated and secure digital platform where students can receive and share documents with other third parties enabling the verification of digital credentials.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, ON HOLD until June 2022 (Estimated)

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IT projects primarily benefiting the Research community

Project name Project Overview Phase / Status
Animal Facilities and Care Management Replace the current Animal Care Protocol and animal facility management software that centralizes electronic submissions and approvals for researchers, committee members, animal facility staff, veterinarians and administrators at McGill University and Research Institutes of Affiliated Hospitals. The new solution will enable McGill to meet new compliance requirements. Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Summer 2022

Hazardous Waste Management Solution

Enable the module in the myLab solution to manage residual and hazardous materials. The current application uses MS Visual FoxPro, which is no longer supported nor meets regulatory requirements.


Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2023

Human Subject Development (Ethics Compliance Solution)

Improved the University's support to researchers by ensuring ongoing compliance of studies with the ethical research standards involving human participants. Provided a streamlined process supported by efficient technology to support McGill’s researchers as well as Research Ethics Boards (REBs) in human subject ethics compliance activities.

Delivery complete (Fall 2021)

INFOED Proposal Development Module (eForms) (Research Proposal Development)

Improved the preparation of research proposals by standardizing the pre-award process and by enhancing the collaboration and communications between associates.

Delivery complete (Winter 2022)

myLab migration to new Web version

Unify the 4 different myLab platforms used at McGill by migrating them to the newest version of the product. myLab is the web component of the McGill Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS), designed to facilitate safe handling and management of hazardous materials including radioactive materials (RAM), hazardous chemicals (CHEM) and biohazardous materials (BIO) from acquisition to disposal, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022

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IT projects primarily benefiting the Academic community

Project name Project Overview Phase / Status

Degree Works Upgrade (Advising and Degree Audit) 

Migrate all instances of Degree Works to the latest version to avoid obsolescence and ensure business continuity. The outdated version relied on Adobe Flash, which is no longer supported. DegreeWorks is an academic advising and degree audit tool to guide student success.

Delivery complete (Fall 2021)

Thesis Examination Management (Phase 1)

Enabled students to upload their initial thesis and forms electronically in a secure fashion, thus allowing them to easily share these documents with the examiners (internal and external) and Pro-Dean (McGill professor who facilitates PhD oral defenses).

Delivery complete (Winter 2021)

Thesis Examination Management (Phase 2)

At examination time, students will send their thesis packages to the examiners, who will perform the examination and transmit their results electronically in a secure fashion.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Summer 2022

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IT projects primarily benefiting the Staff community

Project Name Project Overview Phase / Status

Automate Payment Requests (Finance Audit)

Provide an automated payment solution to process manual, non-Purchase Order payments. It will also eliminate manual processes involved with payment request submissions and approvals.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2023

Banner 9 Technical Upgrade

Updated the Student and Financial systems which were no longer supported by the vendor.

Delivery complete (Fall 2021)

Campus and Security Incident Management Solution (IMS)

Implement a streamlined security incident management solution that handles incidents from the initial alert to the final distribution of the reports with reduced processing time and effort. Benefits include increased efficiency in responding to major incidents, and comprehensive tracking, analysis and reporting of incident and investigation data. Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Summer 2024

Data Vault Automation Tool (Data Warehouse development tool)

Acquire a Data Vault Automation tool to assist in the migration of all existing University data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EWD). This will enable the centralization of information from multiple sources and applications, making it available for analytics and use across the organization. With current in-house tools, many of the activities are manual, time intensive, and prone to error.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Fall 2022
Documentum Upgrade (including E-Calendar Migration) The Documentum Platform Upgrade Project consists of upgrading all components of McGill’s main document management platform. This platform is used by several thousand users to manage documents associated with several critical processes for the fulfillment of the University's mission. As of February 2023, some of the platform’s components will no longer have vendor support. This project will address these end-of-life components with the installation of new hardware equipment as well as upgraded software components. The new, up to date components, will also allow us to remain current with required security patches. Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Winter 2023

Electronic Payment Gateway replacement

Replace the Eunomia ePayment Gateway, the University's current platform to support McGill-built applications requiring credit card payment services, while minimizing the Payment Card Industry (PCI) footprint. The solution is built based on the Monaris Pay Page, which is being decommissioned in June 2022. The current solution presents several critical risks to merchants relying on it due to its lower PCI compliance standards and outdated technology.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Summer 2022

Expense Management Tool

A new travel and expense management solution is required as the existing tools in Minerva (Advances and Expense Reports) system are cumbersome, highly manual, principally paper driven with a substandard user experience. This project will explore the different solution options available on the market, acquire and deliver an expenditure management tool (Expense management tool) that integrates with the tools (Online Booking Tool, Central Airfare Card and Individual Travel Corporate Card) that are part of the travel management program at McGill.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2024

Facilities Administration Management Information System (FAMIS) Replacement for FMAS (Facilities Maintenance Management)

Implement a modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution to replace the obsolete version of the Facilities Administration Management Information System (FAMIS) presently in use.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Fall 2023

JIRA Service Desk Rollout & HEAT Decommissioning

HEAT Service Desk is currently being used by several McGill business units as their incident management and request fulfillment tool. Support by the vendor has ceased and McGill plans to decommission HEAT. Business Units currently using HEAT need to transition to a new solution to ensure their business continuity. McGill IT has selected the JIRA SD as the standard service desk tool. This solution can be adapted to most basic needs with minimal configuration (no customizations) and McGill can leverage the basic Service Desk template in a standard deployment for other Business Units.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022

McGill Enterprise Integration Services IBM's API Connect integration management platform upgrade project involves upgrading the platform to support application programming interfaces (APIs) supporting enterprise application integrations before the current version of the platform is no longer supported. Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Winter 2023

McGill Faculty Club billing application

Delivered a modern software solution to the McGill Faculty Club, a social centre for faculty and staff, to address member management and billing needs. The previous solution was outdated and was not supported by McGill IT resources.

Delivery complete (Fall 2021)

New eCommerce Solution to replace ZenCart

Implement an IT supported eCommerce platform that provides the streamlined collection of revenue for the products and services offered by Enrolment Services. Examples of products and services include transcripts, certified paper copy of diplomas, proctor exam requests, etc.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022

OpenShift upgrade (Application development and deployment platform)

OpenShift requires an upgrade of the infrastructure as well as deployment and growth of our DevOps platforms (training, evolution, on-boarding, etc.). It provides a self-service platform to create, modify, and deploy applications on demand, thus enabling faster development and release life cycles.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition,   ongoing analysis, no estimated delivery.

Organizational Development (OD) & Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Registration System

The training registration system could not be integrated with Workday once Banner HR was decommissioned: This initiative expanded the usage of the MyLab platform as a solution to accommodate EHS needs and deploy an ICS (Information technology Customer Services) training registration system integrations to Workday to accommodate the needs of OD.

Delivery complete (Winter 2021)

Procurement Data Warehouse and Analytics

Enable Procurement Services staff to build their own reports and KPIs, thus providing them with visibility on University-wide spending. This will enable compliance with Act C-65.1 and its Regulations (Act Respecting Contracting by Public Bodies), support strategic planning and decision making, improve efficiency, and allow the unit to further support its clients.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: ON HOLD until summer 2022 (Estimated) 

Space Management Solution

The solution will provide a space management system to support the planning and management of all McGill properties. More specifically, for maintaining and updating base floor plans, space allocation information and 3D Building Information Modelling.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022

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All McGill 

IT projects primarily benefiting the entire McGill community

Project Name Project Overview Phase / Status
Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre implementation (CanSSOC)

In collaboration with the Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre (CanSSOC), deliver shared services that enable greater visibility and mitigation of cyber threats what institutions could deliver individually, in a cost-efficient and effective way. ​

Design/Construct, On-going

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for University Advancement (UA) (Alumni and Donor Relations)

Replace the existing end-of-life Customer Relations Management (CRM) system. The new solution will improve process efficiency and streamline data governance standards for how data is recorded, edited, and archived.

University Advancement’s (UA) current customer relationship management (CRM) software is at the centre of their technological platforms that facilitate stakeholder communications, engagement, relationship management, fundraising and stewardship. Such platforms are standard and essential to university fundraising and alumni engagement programs, as well as other charitable organizations with sophisticated operations and large numbers of stakeholders. The current CRM is built with software that is nearing its end of useful life, and UA has conducted several projects to prepare for its replacement, including a detailed requirement gathering process, peer benchmarking and a recent ITS assessment and roadmap. The project aims to select and implement a new CRM is to improve the stakeholder experience with dynamic features that will allow UA to automate manual processes and increase productivity while maximizing fundraising and engagement potential.

Planning & Solution Definition/Acquisition, estimated delivery: Fall 2024

Disaster Recovery plan

The Disaster Recovery Project (DRP) aims to move all resiliency currently in place in the Ferrier datacenter (which is presently our secondary data center) to a location which will provide redundancy, lower recovery time & recovery period objectives and will mitigate the risk of a potential environmental disaster. The scope of the project will cover the primary data center and both wide area network (WAN) and network connectivity.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Summer 2022


ID Card and Card Reader Replacement

Modernize McGill’s access card technologies and card readers that enable location security, as well as chargebacks for various student and staff services. Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022

Identity and Access Management

Optimize the management of digital identities by promoting delegated administration and self-service. This initiative will also allow applications to identify users and control access to resources according to organization policies.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Fall 2022
Network Information Security Enhance the security and efficiency of McGill’s IT network and to support the evolving needs of the University’s research, academic and administrative community.  ​​​This project implements industry standards for IT security to further secure data on the network. ​ Design/Construct, estimated delivery: December 2023

Network Upgrade

Improve the University's IT network by replacing its core technologies and hardware. The upgrade will result in improved quality of service, security, performance, and reliability for the McGill community.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: December 2023
myMcGill Portal (interim platform migration)

​Select and implement an interim solution to the myMcGill portal that will provide a sufficient platform replacement until the full portal replacement initiative can be delivered. ​

Delivery complete (January 2022)

Oracle 19c Upgrade

Upgrade approximately 150 databases and their applications to  Oracle's current version before end of support dates are reached.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery: Summer 2022

Ticket Sale Platform

The Department of Athletics and Recreation, the Faculty of Music, and Redpath Museum regularly organize events that are open to the broad McGill community and the general public and for which tickets are sold both through online and onsite channels. The current online ticket sale platform was  decommissioned in October 2021, requiring us to select, configure and implement a new online ticket sales platform (with the ability to manage eTickets, seat selections, payment processing, etc.)

Delivery complete (December 2021)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Part of the Identity and Access management foundation program: This project Improved the security of all McGill accounts by deploying Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): This process verifies a user’s identity by using two methods, or factors, of authentication: something they know (e.g. password), and something they have (e.g. mobile device).

Delivery complete (December 2021)

Unified Communications

Replace our legacy PBX telephony system with newer technologies that will seamlessly integrate and improve communication channels between members of the McGill community. With this new means of virtual collaboration and communications the project will contribute to an enhanced student learning environment and increase workplace effectiveness.

Design/Construct, estimated delivery:  Winter 2024

Web Publishing Platform (Drupal 9) Upgrade

We are upgrading McGill’s Drupal-based Web Management System (WMS), our  central web publishing platform, to the latest version. The platform changes will bring better ease of use to our website administrators and allow evolving web functionalities to be added as needed. In addition, we will see improvements to accessibility compliance and online security. The goal is to upgrade the platform and complete the migration of existing content by the end of winter 2023.  Design/Construct, estimated delivery:  Winter 2023

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