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Here are links to some of McGill's most popular systems. In most cases you will log in with your McGill username and password.
More information available about all platform and services offered for students, Faculty, researchers and Administrative staff under the Resources menu.

McGill community as a whole

IT Support Site (Browse the IT Knowledge Base for FAQs and instructions on using IT services, submit requests and tickets for IT support, and more.) Login
myMcGill portal (From a single sign-on, access many McGill systems such as Minerva, myCourses, email and library resources.) Login
Outlook Email Web (Access your McGill email.) Login
Microsoft 365 (Microsoft's suite of cloud-based services including email, web communications, file storage and file sharing) Login
Minerva (User-friendly web interface to Banner, the database where McGill's student and financial data is stored. For help signing in, click HELP on the Minerva login page.) Login
Staff directory (Link to the Staff directory) Login


myCourses (McGill's learning management system for online teaching and learning.) Login
myFuture (McGill's online career and internship management system for students and employers.) Login
uApply (Prospective students can complete and submit applications to graduate programs. Admissions officers and departmental coordinators can review and manage those applications.) Login
Lecture recording service (View recordings from classrooms where the Lecture Recording System is installed.) Login
Library resources (Access library catalogues, databases, locate branches, chat with a librarian, and more.) Login
Get involved  (Learn new skills and make connections outside the classroom with myInvolvement.) Login
Mercury Course evaluations  (To submit evaluations for each of your course.) Login


Workday (HR information system for all McGill employees. Note: A VPN connection is needed to access this site when connecting off campus.) Login
Banner INB (for administrative staff) (Access the Banner databases. Note: A VPN connection is needed to access this site when connecting off campus.) Login
Cisco Self-Care Portal (For employees using McGill's New Telephone Service (Cisco & Webex). Go to the Self Care Portal to reset your voicemail PIN, and set up Single Number Reach. VPN is required to access off campus.) Login
Staff directory (Access staff emails and phone information) Login
Animal Management System (Information on and access to McGill's Animal Management System, tick@lab.) Login
LimeSurvey (A powerful, robust online survey tool, used to create surveys that can be published for public or private audiences. This service is for surveys targeting faculties, departments, University Advancement (UA) and research. (Access and training info ) Login


Classroom Audiovisual Instructions (View audiovisual equipment in your classroom, and find instructions for use. Login
myCourses (McGill's learning management system for online teaching and learning.) Login


InfoEd (For research administrators.) Login
myLab (myLab is designed to facilitate safe handling and management of hazardous materials including radioactive materials (RAM), hazardous chemicals (CHEM) and biohazardous materials (BIO) from acquisition to disposal, in accordance with regulatory requirements.) Login

Research networks (Some research projects may require high-bandwidth connectivity to external sites. By default, all researchers at McGill have access to the commercial Internet, and may also use dedicated networks such as RISQ (Quebec), CANARIE (Canada), Internet2 (US), and similar International networks.

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