Winter 2023 statistics

Here is an overview of some of our IT efforts during the Winter 2023 semester. We proudly continue to support the McGill community while we study, teach, and work  in hybrid mode.

Microsoft 365 Portal users: 54,985 Average per day

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IT Service Desk interactions (calls, emails, chats, etc.): 36,439 Similar to Winter 2022 

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MS Teams meetings: 155,122 Similar to Winter 2022 

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IT projects in progress: 34

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Lecture recordings available: 1,350 681 fewer than Winter 2022 

LRS for: instructors | students

SharePoint sites created: >200 Since September 2021

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Incoming data into McGill network over a year: ~16PB 2 more Petabytes than last year

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Average Knowledge Base articles viewed per month: ~55,000 >50% increase over last semester

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Emails blocked as spam: ~45% Of an average 1.5 million emails received per day

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