Secure your journey with IT Security awareness training! 



Professor Christopher Buddle, Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Programs) explains why students should care about cybersecurity.

Staying safe online is part of every student's McGill journey.

Many McGill students are attending classes from off campus this term. Stay safe online during your remote studies to help ensure your continued success and the safety of McGill. 

Here are some resources and activities to help you stay cybersecure wherever you are. 

Beginning your McGill journey: Start safely 

  • Learn to recognize phishing scams that attempt to steal your personal information.
  • Strengthen your Password: 
    • Create a strong password that is unique to  your McGill account.
    • Use a different password for each platform or system.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your McGill account. 2FA is required for all McGill accounts by the end of 2021. Don’t delay, enroll now at *New students are automatically enrolled.
  • Use your McGill username and password to access most online services and IT systems at McGill.

 Learning securely at McGill: Connect and collaborate

Staying vigilant: Protect your personal information


Other resources / events


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Event: IT Services virtual fair

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