About Secure your journey

Secure your journey is McGill's University-wide cybersecurity campaign. 

Its goal is to influence the adoption of best practices throughout the community in order to protect the University’s data and computer systems. ​

Why is it important to secure your McGill journey?

At McGill, we are all on a journey. Although we may each work towards different goals during our time here, one thing is certain: Each one of us needs to stay safe from beginning to end.

Securing your McGill journey means taking steps to protect yourself, your work, and the McGill community at large.

As an institution of higher learning our McGill journeys are targets for cyber attacks that may occur at any level.

To mitigate these risks, McGill employs robust systems to monitor its network for threats and deploys antivirus solutions to machines throughout the community. While these are essential tools for any organization, they are not enough.  

Why we need you to secure your McGill journey

In addition to the tools we have to protect our data, our greatest defense is awareness plus security best practices.

We need your help:

Each one of us needs to take an active role in ensuring that we stay safe online and help keep our data and computing environment safe from cybercriminals. 

Secure your journey aims to increase the awareness of IT security throughout the McGill community and provide you with the necessary tools and information to help keep the University safe.


Did you know: more reasons to secure your journey

20 %  of email recipients will click on a phishing email


67% of email recipients who click on phishing emails will submit their credentials


20% of security breaches involve stolen credentials



250K + malicious websites and IP addresses are tracked and/or blocked by McGill 


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