Seminar Series 2023-2024

Our year-long Seminar Series explores current cell biology topics for systems ranging from single-cell organisms to the complexity of the human brain. We host experts in the field from both Canadian and international universities and research institutions.

Seminars will be held on Wednesdays, from 11:30am - 12:30pm, in the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building, Rm. 1/12.

PhD student seminars will be added to the schedule on an ad hoc basis.






September 13, 2023 Yojiro Yamanaka, PhD McGill University At the end, (BAD) things happen – the heterogeneity of oviduct luminal epithelial cells and ovarian cancer susceptibility. Carlos Morales, PhD
September 27, 2023 Marc McKee, PhD McGill University

Bones and Eggshells: Mineralization of extracellular matrix fiber networks in 3D imaged by X-ray and electron tomography.

Carlos Morales, PhD
October 11, 2023 Ramesh Shivdasani, MD, PhD Harvard University Cellular compartments and self-organization of the intestinal stem cell niche. Chantal Autexier, PhD;
John Bergeron, PhD
October 25, 2023 Lawrence Kazak, PhD McGill University

Link Ucp1-independent thermogenesis: molecular mechanisms and relationship to UCP1.

Dieter Reinhardt, PhD;
Carlos Morales, PhD
November 22, 2023 Stephane Lefrancois, PhD McGill University Regulating endosomal sorting through post-translational modifications. Carlos Morales, PhD

January 10, 2024

Daniel G. Cyr, PhD Université du Québec To Be or Not to Be: The Epididymal Stem Cell Paradox. John Presley, PhD
January 24, 2024 Vincent Archambault, PhD Université de Montréal PP2A-dependent mechanisms of nuclear reassembly after mitosis in Drosophila. Craig Mandato, PhD
February 7, 2024 Alba Guarné, PhD McGill University Tn7 transposable elements: friends or foes? Carlos Morales, PhD
February 21, 2024 Yves Brun, PhD Université de Montréal Evolution of a bacterial morphogenesis and cell elongation mechanisms by modified localization of the peptidoglycan synthesis machinery. Shuaiqi Guo, PhD
March 6, 2024 Siegfried Hekimi, PhD McGill University Understanding Coenzyme Q and fixing Coenzyme Q deficiency. Dieter Reinhardt, PhD
March 20, 2024 Sabine Elowe, PhD Université Laval Check and Balances: Regulation of mitotic fidelity in space and time. Susanne Bechstedt, PhD
April 3, 2024 Wayne Sossin, PhD McGill University Neuronal ribosomes are specialized for physiological stalling to support local translation. Joaquin Ortega, PhD
April 17, 2024 Peter McPherson, PhD McGill University Regulation of membrane trafficking in neurological disease and validation of antibody tools needed for these studies.  John Presley, PhD
April 24, 2024 Jingyu Sun McGill University Dissecting the role of KsgA in facilitating the late-stage maturation of 30S ribosomal subunit. PhD seminar
May 1st, 2024 Alexei Pchejetski, PhD Université de Montréal Aberrant protein sialylation: pathophysiological factor common across diverse genetic diseases. Carols Morales, PhD

May 8, 2024

Raquel Cuella Martin, PhD McGill University Leveraging precision genome editing screening to study gene function, genetic variation, and drug development. Chantal Autexier, PhD
May 29, 2024 Jian Qin McGill University TBA PhD Seminar
June 5, 2024 Mónica Lara Márquez McGill University TBA PhD Seminar
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