Message from the Chair

A Message from Craig Mandato, Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology within McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, the oldest faculty at our University.  I am proud to be faculty member and Chairman of a department so richly steeped in the history of our internationally-renowned institution—a department with an impressive record of ground-breaking discoveries and acclaimed scientists going back over 150 years.

The proud home of revolutionary studies in science—such as those that led to the development of Stem Cell Renewal Theory—we must nevertheless be diligent to not rest on these laurels.  Rather, here in Anatomy and Cell Biology we work to push forward and continually strive to offer the most innovative teaching and research techniques to challenge our students and ourselves, so that we may contribute to the advancement of knowledge and discovery in the fields of cell biology, medicine, proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, and dentistry.

The guiding theme of my term as Chair is one of regeneration and growth.  Through the recruitment of new, highly qualified faculty, the addition of successful and active associate members to mentor our students, and the expansion of an already strong administrative team to support our growing student body, we are not only proud of our Department’s past but also enthusiastic about its future as a world-class department at one of the world’s top universities.

We are even working towards the rejuvenation of the impressive Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building, the architectural gem that has been our home since 1909, through both structural and aesthetic renovations and the procurement of brand new computers and equipment in our laboratories. In all aspects, then, we are working from the ground up to maintain our Department’s long history of vitality.

Whether you are a new or old undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty member, or simply a friend, I hope that you will come by to pay us a visit and experience first-hand the excitement that the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of McGill University has to offer.  I look forward to continuing our Department's exciting work at the forefront of science, and I hope to have you all along for the ride!

Craig Mandato, PhD

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