New Students

Welcome to McGill! Are you looking for a summer or part-time job? Wondering about internship or volunteering opportunities?  Interested in getting involved on-campus? While a “career” may seem a long way off right now, we encourage you to begin exploring and “test-driving” potential career ideas sooner rather than later. So, don’t forget to come pay us a visit at some point during your first year to find out more – we look forward to meeting you!

Tips and Resources for Your First Year:

  • Planning Your Future: Check out our PDF icon Quick Guide To Planning Your Future on how to prepare yourself throughout your time at McGill from U0 to graduation.
  • New Students: Check out our on best ways to locate on-campus jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities, and PDF icon Information for New Students guide to make yourself marketable at job search time.
  • myFuture: Log in to myFuture - McGill’s comprehensive job search and career tools suite to search for part-time, summer jobs, internships, as well as to register for career-related events and workshops.
  • Undergrad Hive: If you are undecided about your field of study or uncertain about what career you want to pursue following graduation, consider signing up for Undergrad Hive, an interactive four-part program designed to help you explore career options, values, interests and skills.
  • CaPS Monthly Publications: Read the Monthly Publications, our monthly e-newsletter, written by CaPS staff and McGill students and delivered directly to your McGill inbox, is chock-full of articles, events information and job search tips and strategies.
  • How to Guide: Consult our How to Guide to get you started on CV writing, and have it reviewed by a CaPS advisor by making an appointment.
  • Myths & Realities: Read Career Myths and Realities to learn more about careers.
  • Engage McGill: Once you’ve settled in and have your first semester under your belt, check out ways to get involved in the McGill and Montréal communities. Employers look at much more than grades and your degree when making hiring decisions; transferable skills and experience gained from part-time and summer jobs, volunteering, internships and extra-curricular activities are crucial! Visit Engage McGill for information on clubs, volunteering at McGill, on-campus jobs and student-run events.
  • For additional inspiration, take a look at the Career Stories to read about the career paths of other McGill students!
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