New Canadians and Immigrants

McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) is here to help you find answers to questions you may have as a new Canadian or new immigrant:

  • How can I integrate into the Canadian job market?
  • How do I look for a job here?
  • What are Canadian employers looking for?
  • What does a Canadian CV and cover letter look like?
  • How do I overcome my lack of “Canadian experience”?
  • What is proper etiquette for company presentations, career fairs and/or social networking events?


CaPS offers many workshops and panel discussions throughout the year:

  • How to write your CV and cover letter
  • How to find a job
  • How to interview
  • Develop your professional network
  • For a full listing of workshops, and to register for a workshop, please log-in into myFuture -> Events.

Career Advising

  • To make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your career direction/options, call 514-398-3304.

Degree Equivalency

Individuals who wish to enter the labour force or studying in Canada and need to know the value of the education, training and experience they have acquired outside Canada should consult these websites:


The following websites offer information and services to new immigrants to integrate into Canadian society.

  • Recommended Websites
  • Recommended Books (available at CaPS)
    • You're what? An immigrant's guide to success in the Canadian workplace
    • Arrival survival Canada: A handbook for new immigrants
    • No Canadian experience, eh?  A career success guide for new immigrants

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.
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