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Ensemble, nous travaillons vers l'avenir

The Career Development Office (CDO) acts as a liaison between law students and legal employers to ensure both a coherent flow of information and the continuity of relations between students, employers and the Faculty.

The CDO is a guided research facility, directed by a McGill Law graduate with experience in both private practice and the non-profit sector. The CDO Director, Officer and Coordinator work with, and for, B.C.L./LL.B., LL.M. and DCL students, providing information and counseling on planning and preparing for their legal careers.

What We Do

We facilitate recruitment and interview processes for a range of employers and actively develop relationships with potential and current employers, such as law firms, governments, international organizations and universities. Our services reflect the Faculty’s bilingual and bi-juridical nature and include developing opportunities in a multitude of areas of practice, across jurisdictions and across legal traditions.

CDO Resource and General Information drop-in Centre (#416) Hours


Opening hours: 9h00 à 12h15 et 13h30 à 16h00 
Summer Hours
Regular hours Monday-Thursday, closed Fridays.
Summer Closure:
June 19-July 8th


Consultations by Appointment

Visit the Individual Counselling section under the "Services" tab.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information

McGill University and the Law Career Development Office value and respect your personal information. We will not give, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party without your prior express permission. To this end, we are bound by the various Quebec privacy legislations, and in particular the Act Respecting Access to Documents held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information (Access Act), to collect and use such personal information only for delivering the stated service, and to protect the client information.

When the purposes for which personal information was collected or used have been achieved, the University shall destroy the information, subject to the Archives Act.

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