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Icon: MortarboardThe Career Development Office is pleased to offer services to recent graduates, including:

  • Individual counselling with the CDO Director;
  • Access to resources on the protected website;
  • Job and event postings on the 12Twenty portal. [at] (Contact the CDO) to request assistance.

How you can help

Law Alumni Mentorship Program

Icon: links in a chainThe Faculty of Law’s Alumni Mentorship Program is part of the "Réseau d'expertise en droit | Law Inspiration NetworK", or REDLINK, a joint project of the CDO and Student Affairs Office.

The program matches students with alumni working in a wide range of practice areas and settings as well as graduates using their degrees outside practice. The program aims to help students acquire information about professional options and make well-informed academic and career choices.

Matches are based on the students’ practice area and geographic interests. Matching is done in the summer, and students graduating 1.5 or 2 years later are given priority.

Le programme est conçu pour que les diplômés agissent comme mentors auprès des étudiants qui leur sont assignés durant une année universitaire. S’ils le souhaitent, l’étudiant et son mentor peuvent garder contact après cette année. Le programme n’a pas pour but de faciliter l’embauche de l’étudiant par l’employeur du mentor.

Si vous souhaitez vous porter volontaire, remplissez le formulaire REDLINK et cochez la première case.

Si vous avez des questions au sujet du programme de mentorat, n’hésitez pas à écrire à [at]

Other Alumni Programs

 group of personsBeyond mentoring, the REDLINK program offers other ways for alumni to get involved and help current students, such as acting as a moot judge or coach, connecting with exchange and summer students, offering an internship, being a guest lecturer or participating in career development activities. Visit REDLINK to sign up.

Finally, McGill’s CaPS Mentor Program enables students to establish contacts with a variety of professionals who provide advice and guidance regarding careers.  

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