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Job scams

Job Scams

Information on common job scams and how to protect yourself from fraud.

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Job Search Sites

Links to job search tools, job banks, job aggregators and placement agencies.

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Student and Summer Jobs

Resources and tips to find on-campus jobs, summer jobs, part-time jobs and seasonal work.

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Links to internship providers, intern abroad opportunities, and resources to finance your internship.

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Volunteer Work

Resources to find local and international volunteering opportunities - within and around McGill, in Montreal, and abroad.

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Work Abroad

Work abroad opportunities, resources to international teaching, visa options for Canadians working in the USA, and travel advice.

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Teaching English

Information on ESL employment, certification, and resources to find ESL job boards.

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Jobs in Research

Job database and resources to find jobs in research, health network and information on alternative careers.

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Start a Business

Resources to those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business.

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First Year on the Job

Information and tips on how to prepare yourself for your first day on the job.

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Gap Year

Information on what is a gap year and how to go about it.

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Career Stories

Stories that give job search tips, advice and strategies to those who are in the process of finding a job.