Student and Summer Jobs

Most students need to find a job during school or in the summer to help finance themselves through their studies. These types of jobs not only can get you money, but can also give you skills that can make you more marketable to employers after graduation.

On-Campus Jobs

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Everything you need to know to locate jobs on campus.
  • Research Opportunity Database
    Work for McGill professors - lab work, field research, data analysis and more.
  • myFuture
    In the Advanced Search option, choose Job Function (On-Campus) to see the listings.
  • Work Study Program
    Designated on-campus jobs for students with greater financial need. To be eligible for the program, students must first apply and be receiving the maximum government aid.

Student Work Experience Programs

Many student and summer work programs are offered by the federal and provincial governments as well as other organizations for students to gain work experience in their field of study. Some programs accept applications in October and others in January. Opportunities available include: Tour guides, teaching assistants, community development officers, office work assistants, and more.

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Summer and Part-Time Jobs

Most employers hire students to work in summer or for temporary work in the tourism industry, food service industry, summer camps and for office work.

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Work for Provincial or Municipal Governments

Municipal and provincial governments often offer student jobs in summer. Consult the career section on their websites for job opportunities:

Summer Camp Jobs

Many camps require a huge number of summer workers. Opportunities include camp counsellors, administrative assistant, sports instructor, playground leader, camp programmer, and monitors. Most camps last from two to four weeks. 

Cultural Exchange Programs

A short-term or cultural exchange program usually focuses on homestays, language skills, community service or other cultural activities. The exchange can last from one week to three months. The working holiday makers usually work an average of 4 hours per day in exchange for free accommodation and meals.

Seasonal Work

A seasonal job is a type of work that workers are hired to fill a temporary need for a certain period of time.  Common seasonal jobs: Fruit picking, working in holiday resorts, tree planting, child care/au pairs, cultural guide, etc.

  • Seasonal Jobs - Links to employers providing short-term and seasonal jobs.
  • Hospitality Jobs - Links to employers in catering service, cruise jobs and tourism industries.
  • Tree Planting Jobs - Links to websites providing a list of tree planting companies.

Articles of Interest

Read more on how to get a summer job:

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