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Expand your horizons and open up new career opportunities by working abroad. It not only allows you to see another part of the world but can provide you with the cross-cultural experience employers are looking for in new employees.

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.

Job Resources

Work Abroad Jobs

The following tools provide useful articles as well as job opportunities and work abroad programs.

International Teaching Opportunities

For a list of teaching opportunities, consult the following resources:

U.S. Visa Information

If you are interested in working in the U.S., consult the following sites for visa information.

  • Entering the U.S.
    This site contains information for Canadians as well as a link to the Directory of Visa Categories.  You may also contact the consulates if you have any questions regarding visas.
  • J-1 VISA sponsor organizations (J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program)
    A list of designated sponsor organizations for J-1 visa.  J-1 visa was created by the U.S. government to offer students and young professionals the opportunity to work as an intern (paid or unpaid), or to participate in an educational and cultural program in the USA for a limited period of time.  Students who apply for a J-1 through sponsor organizations should be prepared to pay a fee for a J-1 and allow a 6-week delay for processing.
  • Recommended organizations for U.S. visa information and programs:  Cultural Vistas and SWAP Working Holidays (for Canadians)

Travel Advice

No preparation can completely prepare you for another culture, no matter how familiar it seems. Be ready to be flexible and willing to change your expectations.

Health & Safety

The following handouts offer information on safety and healthy travel tips.

Country Reports

These sites provide Information and advice on situations that may affect travellers' safety and well-being.  You can choose a country or destination and learn more about the security, entry and exit requirements, health conditions, local laws and culture, climate and other useful information.

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