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Welcome to Career Planning in Medicine, part of the WELL Office of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The WELL Office of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences offers a specialized program of career planning activities to support all cohorts throughout their training in medicine and dentistry.

Each school year, several confidential meetings are offered on request to meet specific needs. Career planning meetings can be favourable for getting to know yourself better, exploring professional options, clarifying your preferences and priorities in order to choose between options. The support offered by the career advisors facilitates the completion of the preparatory tasks aimed at applying to residency programs and allows you to experience together the transitions linked to the before and after residency-match periods.

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At the beginning of your medical studies, it is possible that you have not yet considered doing a specialty, had a few ideas, or even dreamed of a particular specialty.

Whatever your thoughts or your current projection of the future, we believe, while basing our remarks on evidence that your openness to learning has the potential to transform your future representations for the benefit of greater professional satisfaction.

Our main goal is to help each of you become the best doctor possible. To support you, we use a recognized, structured and organized approach to assess specialties and make career decisions. Indeed, career planning in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University is structured in four stages:

The process is akin to the theory of person-environment fit known from academic fields in industrial, organizational, and public administration psychology and used by Careers in Medicine of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The approach favours the cognitive processing of information which is widely used in higher education and adapted to the medical field. The model used helps to consider your attributes, preferences, and career options to make effective decisions regarding your specialty and your residency.

Thus, tips, tools and resources are provided in each step and the activities can be carried out by following the suggestions given each year or simply as you see fit.


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The WELL Office provides a safe and confidential venue to seek out resources that protect and enhance your health and well-being. 

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