Med 1

Suggested Goals for Med 1

Focus on your health

  • Review The WELL Office for more information.
  • Engage in activities that you enjoy that promote your health

Learn about yourself, your interests, and your values

  • Complete the Career in Medicine (CiM) self-assessment before a meeting with the Career Advisor, especially the MSPI and the PVIPS quizzes.
  • Think about the answers you gave while answering the questionnaires by looking at the results. Discuss your preferences to better define your profile of interests, values, personality traits and skills.  The results obtained from the questionnaires are therefore at the service of the discussion and the development of your profile. 

Broaden your career horizons

  • Attend career panels offered in the curriculum of the medical program.
  • Learn about specialties and career paths.
  • Formulate two or three questions that you would particularly like to ask physicians during career panels.
  • Attend student activities from one of the interest groups.

Meet the Career Advisor

  • Take an appointment.
  • To prepare for this meeting, please complete the Career in Medicine questionnaires and then save the results to discuss and build your profile.

Try new things

  • Join clubs, socialize with peers, sit on committees, exercise leadership, volunteer or take part in research projects, for example.

Review Career Planning Website

  • Take a look at the main pages of the site to plan your priority actions

Have a summer plan

  • Take French lessons, if needed.

  • When possible and safe, go on trips, participate in an exchange program, internships locally or internationally.

  • Volunteer or take paid employment.

  • Rest and spend time with your family and take care of your friendships.

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