Career Planning Advice

Med 1

Welcome to the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and our MDCM program, Patient at heart, Science in hand. Our goal is to help each of you to become the very best physician possible.

Med1 is a time of discovery and exploration, both of the world of careers in medicine as well as a deeper understanding of yourself, your interests, values, skills, and priorities. 

Making the right career choice takes learning about yourself, exploring all your options, and finding the right fit. The 4-phase career planning process starts with Understanding Yourself and builds from there. Take the time to learn about yourself and your career preferences and start the phase Understand Yourself early. The information you gain from assessing yourself will be most useful during your clinical rotations, as well as when finding the right fit in terms of specialty.

(Image reference: Careers in Medicine "The Four Phases of Career Planning")

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