Career Planning Advice

Med 1 Calendar and Milestones

August - December

Take  your Careers in Medicine Self-assessments (a code will be sent to you by the Career Advisor within the first few weeks of Med1)

Settle into the rhythm of medical school

Try out or join one new activity, be it social, academic, athletic or anything you like, that enriches your experience of medical school and allows you to meet new people

Attend Career Panel sessions during the blocks

Consider taking the Fall Medical French Workshops

December - February

By now, you've probably picked up the pace of the program: set yourself a goal of asking questions of two to three specialist physicians by the end of your 1st year of study.

Start thinking about what kind of summer you want to spend. Rest? A safe trip? Busy doing extracurriculars? Work?

Consider taking the Winter Medical French Workshops

Attend Career Panel sessions during the blocks

Check the Murmur regularly to find out what possibilities are available to you for the summer season; McGill notably offers a summer research grant. Explore opportunities outside the University, if available, such as the SARROS program.

March - June

Attend Career Panel sessions during the blocks

Evaluate if your career planning has progressed in the right direction during your 1st year of medical school.  Do you feel the need:

  1. to learn more about the different specialties?
  2. to represent to you the work tasks of a doctor in a particular specialty?
  3. to participate in clubs or para-university groups?
  4. restrict your activities to focus on your wellbeing?

If you don't know what you want to do yet, don't worry - you still have time to think about it!

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