Med 3

Goals for Med 3

Rule in/rule out specialties

  • Have a short list in mind by spring of Med 3

Book 1-2 Med 4 electives

  • Begin this process towards mid-winter of Med 3

Familiarize yourself with some Residency Program requirements

  • Begin researching residency programs on CaRMS, especially
    • Selection criteria
    • curriculum
    • highlights

Prepare an elective wishlist and organize paperwork

  • Use the AFMC Student Portal and the McGill Electives CAtalogue, as well as other School catalogues as needed
  • Immunization paperwork for med4 electives (this can be arranged by The WELL Office) and police checks in a timely manner for host school elective application deadlines.

Obtain Letters of Recommendation

  • See here for instructions and suggestions

Meet the Career Advisor to review and solidify plans

Address any dossier "issues" or "gaps" for your speciality plan

Consider research or other extracurricular activities that merge your interests and your specialty goals


Strategies to help the undecided Medical student


Rule In/Rule Out

Pros and Cons

Comparison to Self Assessments

Check Competitiveness

Write your personal letter

Talk to loved ones

Decide to decide

Delay the decision

Meet with the Career Advisor


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