Prospective & New Students

This section is for:

  • applicants to McGill who have not yet been admitted; and
  • applicants who have received an acceptance letter from McGill, but have not yet taken any classes.


Visit the current student Transfer Credit & Advanced Standing page if you have already taken McGill classes.


Do I qualify for transfer credit?

You may be granted credit and/or exemptions if, when you begin your McGill studies, you will have at least one of the following:

When do I apply for transfer credit?

If you are a prospective or newly admitted student, you don't actually apply for transfer credit. On your application to McGill, you must indicate any courses you took at a CEGEP, university or other higher education institution. Your file will be automatically reviewed for transfer credits if you:

  • are admitted to McGill; and
  • accept the offer of admission.

If you did not indicate your previous courses when you applied to McGill, you will not receive transfer credits for them.

What else do I need to know?

If you qualify for transfer credit, use McGill's degree evaluation tool to see if it will earn you exemptions for required, complementary or elective courses. Note: not all faculties use the degree evaluation tool. Confirm with your home faculty prior to using this tool.  

If you feel that you've completed the equivalent of one or more McGill math or science courses but do not have the certification to prove it, you may be eligible to write placement exams in linear algebra, biology, chemistry, math or physics.

Please note that transfer credits for newly-admitted students are only processed once the admissions office reviews official copies of a student's admission documents. This process generally occurs during the summer before the academic year begins.

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