Current Students

This section is for:

  • Current students who have taken classes at McGill


Do I qualify for transfer credit?

From the list below, choose the situation that applies to you:

  1. I plan to take a course at another university
  2. I have taken a course at another university and would like to claim transfer credits, but did not receive permission from McGill before taking the course.
    • Check the Course Equivalency System to determine if the course you completed has been reviewed and has a valid equivalency.
    • Submit the Minerva Course Approval and Transfer Credit Form to obtain the necessary approvals.
    • NOTE for students in the faculties of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Arts (BA, BSW, BTH), Education, Engineering, Law and the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy: Any coursework completed at another university MUST be pre-approved to be considered for transfer credit. Any transfer credit request without pre-approval will be refused.
  3. I want to take part in a student exchange or study abroad program, and would like to earn credit for courses done abroad.

What else do I need to know?

If you qualify for transfer credit, use McGill's degree evaluation tool to see if it will earn you exemptions for required, complementary, or elective courses.

If you feel that you've completed the equivalent of one or more McGill math or science courses but do not have the certification to prove it, you may be eligible to write placement exams in linear algebra, biology, chemistry, math or physics.

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