Degree evaluation

What is the Degree Evaluation tool?

The online Degree Evaluation tool — available through Minerva — summarizes your progress toward the completion of your program's requirements, and lists the courses you've taken, the courses you've registered for, the requirements of your program, and what you still need to do in order to graduate. It also provides a central record of approved adjustments to your program; for example, the replacement of one specified course with another, or acceptance of a non-McGill course for credit.

The tool can also run a “what-if” analysis to see how much of your previous work can be applied to a new program of study. This can be helpful if you're thinking about switching majors and want to know how many extra courses you'd have to take.

Please note that the Degree Evaluation reports do not constitute official communication.

Switching majors, minors or degree programs

You can use the "What-if Analysis" link at the bottom of the Minerva screen to create a Degree Evaluation Report for a program in which you are not registered. This can be useful if you're thinking about switching programs and want to know how many extra classes you'd need to take to do so. For more information on What-If Analyses and switching programs, click here.

Using the Degree Evaluation tool

  1. Navigate to the Minerva website, not MyMcGill.
  2. Log in with your McGill ID and PIN.
  3. Select "Student Menu."
  4. Select "Student Records Menu."
  5. Select "Degree Evaluation."
  6. Select the term and the program/degree/major grouping that you want to evaluate, and click on "Generate Request."
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