1. Get Informed

Getting informed is your responsibility!

Now that you've been admitted to McGill, you'll need to learn how to navigate through the system and keep track of your degree and program requirements. Don't worry if it seems confusing at first, you'll get help along the way!

Begin here

Start by reading everything you can find on your degree requirements on the accepted students website, your Faculty's website, and in the eCalendar. Once you've looked at your general degree requirements, check the requirements for the Major, Minor, Honours, Liberal, or Concentration program(s) that you plan to complete (if applicable to your Faculty/degree). You'll find this information on your department's website, as well as in the eCalendar.

Most students starting in U0 will need to complete the Freshman requirements for their Faculty in their first year, before moving on to their chosen program(s) in U1. Students starting their degree in U1 will be able to select their program(s) right from their first semester.

Consult an expert

After you've read all about your degree and program requirements, as well as registration information for new students on your Faculty's website, you can contact an academic advisor if you still have questions. The Advising website can help you figure out what type of advisor to contact, depending on your questions.

Make changes as necessary

If it's your first semester and you have to register for courses before getting in touch with an advisor, that's okay! You can make changes to your registration until the end of the course change period every semester. The course change (a.k.a. Add/Drop) period is approximately the first two weeks of each semester, and you can find the specific dates on the Important Dates website. It's best to register for as many of your courses as you can as soon as registration opens, and then make changes as needed later on.

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