Changing majors, minors and degrees

Who is eligible?

Students in most programs in the following faculties can apply to change their academic curriculum (eg. Major/Minor program(s), etc.) on Minerva:

  • Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Desautels Faculty of Management
  • Science

Students in other faculties must contact their Student Affairs Office for assistance with any program changes.  

For information on inter and intra-faculty transfers, visit the Student Records website.


How to change your academic curriculum

Using Minerva

  1. Click the Log in to Minerva icon found on the sidebar.
  2. Log in using your McGill ID and PIN.
  3. Select the Student Menu.
  4. Select the Student Records Menu.
  5. Select either Change Your Primary Curriculum (1st degree) or Change Your Secondary Curriculum (2nd degree), as appropriate.
  6. Follow the instructions on each screen, modifying your curriculum under Desired changes.

Tutorial video

For faculty/department specific information, view this tutorial video:


Note that Minerva does not permit the following changes, which require approval from the appropriate advisor:

  • changing an Arts or Science Freshman program (97 or more credits)
  • changing a Dental-Preparatory program
  • changing a Medical-Preparatory program
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