Changing programs

Considering your options

If you're thinking that another program might be a better fit, you can see how the courses you've already taken would apply to a different program with myProgress (currently limited to students in certain Faculties). Using the "What-if" tab, you can see how the remainder of your studies would look if you did decide to change programs.

For further information and to see if the tool is available to you, visit the myProgress info page.

Changing your program in Minerva

Note: a technical issue prevents selection of the:

  • Biology major
  • German Studies major concentration
  • Hispanic Studies major concentration
  • Religious Studies major concentration

using the Minerva form. Please submit a request via the Major Concentration Change Webform for program selection issues related to these programs.

Who can use Minerva to change programs?

Students in most programs in the following Faculties/Units can change their academic curriculum (major, minor, etc.) in Minerva:

  • Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science
  • Kinesiology (minor program selection only)
  • Management
  • Science

Exceptions: Minerva does not allow the following changes, which require advisor approval:

  • changing an Arts or Science Freshman program (97 or more credits)
  • changing a Dental-Preparatory program
  • changing a Medical-Preparatory program

Other restrictions may apply to specific programs; please contact your SAO if you encounter an error while using the Minerva Curriculum Change form.

For information on inter and intra-faculty transfers, visit the Student Records website.

When can I change programs in Minerva?

The Minerva Curriculum Change form is open during the following periods:

  • Summer term: the form will open on March 15 and can be used until April 30 to change programs in the Summer term.
  • Fall term: any curriculum changes made between May 1 and November 30 will apply to the Fall term.
  • Winter term: any curriculum changes made on December 1 or later will apply to the Winter term and can be made until late February.

How to change programs in Minerva

  1. Log in to Minerva.
  2. Browse to the Student Menu > Student Records Menu.
  3. Select either Change Your Primary Curriculum (1st degree) or Change Your Secondary Curriculum (2nd degree), as appropriate.
  4. Follow the instructions on each screen, modifying your curriculum under the "Desired changes" column.

Note: Curriculum changes made using Minerva will only appear on your student transcript after you've registered for courses in the term in question. You can confirm that your program was changed successfully on the Student Menu > Registration Menu > Step 1: Check Your Registration Eligibility and Verify Your Curriculum page.


Requesting a program change with your SAO

Students in the following faculties must contact their Student Affairs Office (SAO) for assistance with any program changes:

  • Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
  • Continuing Studies
  • Dental Medicine & Oral Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Graduate Studies
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy

For information on inter and intra-faculty transfers, visit the Student Records website.

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