3. Create a class schedule

The "Class Schedule" video walks you through McGill's course offerings and schedules online.

The vast array of courses and their accompanying sections can sometimes seem a little daunting, but we're here to help you navigate it. You can read the detailed instructions below or check out our video above, and if you're still lost, be sure to contact an academic advisor.

The McGill eCalendar provides course listings and program details — before you register, you should use the eCalendar to help you plan how you'll complete your program.

Before you register, be sure to make note of any special requirements for courses such as placement tests, prerequisite courses or departmental permission. Some courses have linked "corequisite" sections that must be registered for and taken at the same time.

Instructions: Browsing the class schedule

  1. Navigate to the "Class Schedule Search" page on Minerva.  After logging in, select Registration Menu and then 'Step 2'.
  2. Select the term you'd like to register for, and click "Submit."
  3. Choose the subject and/or the Faculty that correspond with the courses you want to learn more about. You can narrow down your search by specifying the times of day you're free, the instructors you want, etc. You can choose several subjects and/or faculties by holding down the Ctrl key while you make your selections. Once you've made your selections, click "Get Course Sections" at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You should now be looking at a list of courses that match your search criteria.  Minerva can tell you the days and times when a specific course is offered, class locations, instructors' names, and other useful details.
  5. To learn more about a particular course, click on its Course Reference Number (CRN) on the left side of the screen.  You should now be on the "Class Schedule Listing" page, which provides detailed information about the course.  For even more details, including potential registration restrictions, click on the underlined course name near the top of the screen.
  6. Once you've decided which courses you're interested in use Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) to view your possible class schedules in an easy-to-read weekly schedule format.  Please note that you cannot use Visual Schedule Builder to register but you can copy  your choice of course reference numbers (CRNs) from VSB to have handy for registration in Minerva.
  7. Once you have determined which CRNs you wish to register for, return to your Registration Menu in Minerva. Choose Quick Add or Drop Course Sections and enter the CRNs one per box on the Quick Add Worksheet, then click 'Submit Changes'. Minerva will display all successfully registered courses, and any unsuccessful registration will display with an error message to explain why registration failed (course is full, approval or pre-req req'd, etc..)
  8. Remember, class schedules are updated as courses are added, cancelled, rescheduled or relocated. It is your responsibility to consult the Class Schedule at the time of registration, and again before classes begin, to ensure that changes have not resulted in conflicts in your schedule.
  9. When registering on Minerva, you must not exceed the maximum credits per term permitted by your faculty. Students who carry fewer than 12 credits per term are considered to be part-time in that term.