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2. Prepare to register

Choose an academic curriculum (Major, Minor, etc.)

We recommend that you select your Major(s) and Minor(s) before you register for your first term's courses, so that you start working toward an academic goal right away. This may also give you access to courses that are available only to students enrolled in your department or program.

Some important notes:

  • CÉGEP students entering the Desautels Faculty of Management must select their program prior to registration.
  • CÉGEP students entering Arts or Science are strongly recommended to select their major prior to registration.
  • CÉGEP students entering the joint B.A.&Sc. degree are strongly recommended to choose both the Arts and Science components of their program. For more information, click here.
  • The Science website offers tips on how to choose majors and minors.
  • Students entering the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering should declare their program prior to registration.


Choose your courses

Plan ahead by narrowing down the list of courses that interest you before the Web registration period opens. That way, you'll be ready to register more quickly — and potentially before classes fill up. You can use McGill's Minerva Course Selection Form [.pdf] to get started with your planning. To simplify things, choose your required courses before your electives. Class Schedule contains a searchable list of all courses offered per term at all levels. You can also use Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) to view your possible class schedules before you register in Minerva.

Be sure to have alternative selections ready in case the courses you want are full or cancelled. You can register for the Fall and Winter terms as soon as Fall registration opens, even though Winter-term courses may require that you successfully complete prerequisite Fall-term courses. Changes to Winter courses can be made  all through the Fall term and into January. Click here for a list of Registration (add/drop) deadlines.