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Dr. Strauss publishes article in the Journal of Cell Biology: Cryo-EM structure of the complete and ligand-saturated insulin receptor ectodomain

Published: 17Feb2020

Glucose homeostasis and growth essentially depend on the hormone insulin engaging its receptor. Despite biochemical and structural advances, a fundamental contradiction has persisted in the current...

The Reinhardt group publishes novel biological mechanisms in blood vessels in PLOS Biology

Published: 8Aug2018

Fibronectin is a protein that exists in vertebrates in two distinct forms: one present in the blood and the other in blood vessel walls. In mammals, fibronectin is important for the development of...

Seminar: Dr. Soung-Hun Roh


Molecular Mechanism through Direct Visualization Using Cryo-EM

Seminar: Dr. Ahmad Jomaa


“Cryo-electron Microscopy Provides Insights into Bacterial and Mammalian Co-translational Targeting of Proteins to the Membrane”

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