Left: a group of students converse in front of the greenhouse; Center: a student plants seeds in a greenhouse; Right: a close-up of clover flowers

Department of Plant Science

Welcome to the Department of Plant Science

Plant Science is the study of how plants work (reproduction, development and anatomy, physiology and evolution), as well as how humans use them for food, fiber, bioactive compounds and ornamental purposes.

We have long known that plants play an important role in maintaining the Earth’s delicate ecosystems and are essential to human survival. In recent decades, we have also discovered that they are vital in addressing the planet’s most pressing problems, including climate change and food security, and plant scientists are heeding the call to find solutions to these global threats.

Our researchers are dedicated leaders in their fields, addressing questions such as: How are plants reacting to a changing climate? How do we preserve genetic diversity? How can we keep feeding the growing population quality food while resources are becoming scarcer than ever?

We provide our students with opportunities to learn by participating in meaningful research in an academic environment unique in Canada that includes an on-site farm, field, greenhouse, and laboratory facilities. McGill Plant Science students receive rich hands-on experience and training that equip them with the skills and knowledge to move into exciting and impactful careers in plant science.

Undergraduate Programs

Student conducting research with potted plants in a lab

McGill undergraduate students can enroll in Plant Science courses within the Bachelor of Science, Agricultural and Environmental Science degree to become tomorrow's botanists, agrologists and biotechnologists.

Graduate Programs

A graduate student planting in a field

Our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs are research-based and focus on problems relating to applied and theoretical aspects of crop improvement and plant biology in a wide range of plant species.

Five students lounge on the grass outside of the Macdonald-Stewart building

Macdonald Campus

Plant Science courses are offered on the Macdonald Campus, the largest green space on the island of Montreal, located a short commute from downtown.

Hear from our students

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