Unlocking the potential of Madagascar periwinkle

Fanfan Li, PhD Candidate

Fanfan Li's current area of research, supervised by Professor Mehran Dastmalchi, involves the study of the medicinal and ornamental plant Madagascar periwinkle to uncover biochemical and regulatory elements of anticancer and analgesic compound biosynthesis.

“Plant science is an exciting field, filled with opportunities and our department is a unique place to conduct important research with a diverse background of wonderful people," says Fanfan, and she expects that her McGill experience will lead into a fruitful career in a discipline she is passionate about. “I would love to explore a career in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry by leveraging my transferable skills like bioinformatics or molecular biology.”

In addition to her studies, Fanfan was also immersed in campus life and experienced the close-knit community that Macdonald Campus has to offer. “I was a representative for the graduate student society (MCGSS) where I planned holiday parties and other student activities," she explains. "Aside from academics, I love participating in intramural and drop-in sports such as badminton, tennis, and volleyball!”

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Fanfan​ completed her BSc in Biology, minoring in Environmental Science, at McMaster University.

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