Research facilities and equipment


Greenhouse & Phytorium

Computerized greenhouses and controlled-environment growth cabinets are available for research with professional technical assistance available on site.


The Eastern Canadian Plant Phenotyping (ECP3) Platform is a collaborative initiative between McGill University and Université de Sherbrooke.
The platform allows researchers to phenotype broad ranges of crop plants under diverse growth conditions and provides a vast array of infrastructure with advanced phenomics and phenotyping technologies, including:

Multi-scale Imaging        Phenomics Systems        Genomic Editing        Phytoremediation

Portable Photosynthesis System (LI-COR 6800)

Portable photosynthesis scanner

The LI-COR 6800 is a portable Photosynthesis System capable of obtaining real time information and measurements about both the light reactions and the carbon reactions. When equipped with a fluorometer the LI-COR 6800 simultaneously measures gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence from leaves.

CT Scanning Laboratory

A macroCT scanner

The macro-CT scanning facility enables the detailed, non-destructive study of plant, soil and wood structures, through 3-D images built from CT scans. Quantitative and statistical analyses are performed in a computer room adjacent to the CT scanner and operator rooms. In addition to the existing macro-CT scanning installation, a new micro-CT scanner section opened in July 2019.

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Three smiling students work with plants in a greenhouse on the Macdonald campus farm

Mac Campus Farm

Students have access to campus farm facilities, including the Emile A. Lods Agronomy Research Centre and Horticulture Research Centre.

Pressed plant (D. drumondii) specimen from the McGill Herbarium

McGill Herbarium

Our collection of 140,000+ plant specimens, dating back over 200 years, enables research on plant systematics, genetics, morphology and ecology.

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