Some of the many growth cabinet of the Plant Science department. They provide accurate control of CO2, humidity, temperature and photoperiod.

All the soil used in the Plant Science greenhouses is pasteurized to prevent the entry of pathogens.

The Plant Science research greenhouse complex located just North of the Raymond Building.

One of the several plant tissue culture facilities present in the Plant Science Department.

One of the equipment present in the applied biotechnology laboratory.

The growth cabinets of the Plant Science Department are equipped with touch screen monitors for fast and comprehensive programmation of the environmental conditions.



The Plant Science Department has a state of the art computerized facility for research located just north of the Raymond Building. Seven greenhouse units with rolling benches or floor space offer various parameters such as temperature control, RH misting, drip-irrigation with fertilizer injection, automatic shading, HP sodium lighting for extended day, biological pest control, CO2 injection, and an integrated database system. Qualified and professional technical assistance is also available on site. To reserve space in the greenhouse please fill out the greenhouse reservation_form.pdf.

Growth cabinets

The department houses approximately 50 growth cabinets, growth rooms and tissue culture cabinets. The facility consists mostly of recently purchased cabinets that are networked and monitored. To reserve space in the phytorium please fill out the chamber reservation form.pdf.

McGill University Herbarium

The McGill University Herbarium is a research museum of dried plant specimens currently housed within the Plant Science Department and located on the first floor of the Raymond Building, Macdonald Campus. For more information please go to Herbarium.

Applied Biotechnology Laboratory

The Applied Biotechnology Laboratory is a central service laboratory providing DNA sequencing, genotyping (with ABI310 and Roche Light Cycler instruments), molecular imaging with a wide range of wavelength capabilities, bioinformatics and real-time quantitative PCR services.