Phytoremediation - Mobile Laboratory

Northern Quebec landscape - phytoremediation field research location
Image by Michaël Rodrigue-Morin.


The Mobile Laboratory based out of the Université de Sherbrooke. It will consist of a laboratory trailer, a four-seater all-terrain vehicle, an eight-passenger vehicle and portable research devices. The mobile laboratory will allow teams and their equipment to be moved to remote sites, particularly to mining sites in Nord-du-Québec where research activities on phytoremediation are frequently being undertaken.

  • Designed for remote locations
  • Features:
    • 2 portable LiCOR photosynthetic systems 
    • ethylene analyzer
    • leaf-area scanner
    • pH/conductivity meter
    • portable weather stations and data loggers



The Mobile Laboratory is anticipated to be available for the 2021 Summer season. Project inquiries are welcome.

CONTACT: info-ecp3 [at] for further information regarding the Eastern Canadian Plant Phenotyping Platform (ECP3) and the Mobile Laboratory.

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